Monday, July 28, 2014

Limited idiocy

Limit government. Limit idiots. But I repeat myself. (That's okay, it takes lots of repetition for them to learn.)

Sunday, November 03, 2013

So what, again, is wrong with socialism?

So what, again, is wrong with socialism? The socialists always end up to be secret Capitalists, and looking for their own good. Socialism would only work if every person were to give her or his maximum for good. Thus it is always doomed to failure. At least this side of heaven.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Capitalism and Socialism

God said, “Man shall live by the sweat of his brow”, and so was born capitalism.
Marx said, “Man shall live by the sweat of someone else’s brow” and so was born socialism.

Friday, March 02, 2012


The trouble is we spend more time making government bigger when we would be wiser spending time on making people better.
Patrick Davis 2004

On Politics and Religion

On Politics and Religion

One observation from a citizen:
If one refuses to allow the mixture of politics and religion, politics must forever remain the gateway to Hell, and those that serve in it the gatekeepers. And what of religion you ask? It serves as the entrance or the exit from Heaven, as God would judge, and so it will lead to the best of times or the worst of times.
So the choice it would seem is politics and hell or religion and maybe godliness?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Precarious Freedom

Precisely because we have a weak and ineffectual government we have a free people; let us maintain our high regard for freedom by disdaining the siren’s cry for bigger government. To live and build our lives around principles of our own choosing, or to live and build our lives around the choices of Leviathan—these are the choices each generation of Americans must freshly make. It takes only one generation, disregarding the wisdom of our fathers, to recreate a new government that will pale in comparison to that great government long ago set in motion, and will succeed only in making us an “un” exceptional nation.

Pat Davis 2011

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Global Warning

We evidently do not care if they have been lying to us. We do not care if they have been covering up data. We do not care if they took great care to distort data to hide findings. We do not care if a decade of temperatures are going the wrong way for global “warnists”. The crisis is too important to ignore, even if the theory of man caused global warming is a farce.

How do I know we do not care? Because now, for the first time, the world has been given the means to see the lying, cheating and distortion, and what do they do? The world gives a prodigious yawn. The New York Times tells us virtuously that they would not consider publishing such illegally obtained data. (Can you spell Pentagon Papers? Or can you remember all the classified data they “reported” last year in an attempt to embarrass Bush?) One must simply gaze in admiration and wonder at the new-found virtue of the grey lady.

The mainstream media is attempting to glide past the embarrassing disclosure. The skeptics of global warming are as gleeful as a fox locked in a henhouse. For years many scientists have touted their warning sirens being neglected by the major media. My personal favorite is Dr. Roy Spencer, but he, too, is neglected as Mr. Al Gore tells us that “debate is over” and “science is settled”.

Prying apart a belief system is next to impossible. PJTV has a great video from a leading skeptic here. It is ironic to me that as responsible scientists are trying to tell the whole story of global change, the side that wants to hide the facts stand on the side of big government and squarely against freedom of men and women to live.

But did not the word “grantstanding” get coined for these same scientists? The term was given to those who were given millions more for their shriller cries. I remember reading years ago that we had less than a decade to act before it would be too late to save the earth. And now we read the personal emails of these “scientists” and find that they do not know what to make of data and are trying to hide their uncertainty. This should be the biggest story of the decade.

I talked to a friend who is a global warmist who said he had not even heard of the email hack. He insisted that it would be like mankind to cause destruction to the earth, and seemed to intimate that was enough of a reason to believe in man caused global warming. What can one say to such faith? David Warren has posed the problem brilliantly here. Robert Tracinski has a great synopsis of the scandal here.

What the average person does not get is the fascism theory that lies behind all of this urgency in global warming. Mussolini taught that it was necessary to declare an emergency to get people to be willing to suspend normal freedom and law. The political beginnings of our global scare lies in a committee from the UN. The committee then began a grant program to scientists who would forecast problems with CO2. Scientists all over the world are being paid to find problems with CO2 production. Now governments everywhere are attempted to suborn total economies to harness production of what seems to be a harmless inert gas. The US, long standing against suppression of freedom, seems tempted to give in and suppress the greatness that has fashioned our country.

I am a Christian. I do have a “fantastic” belief system in which the God of the universe is returning to earth and judging us for our sins. My belief system states unequivocally that we are not destroying nature by global warming; rather we are destroying ourselves with our unrepentant rebellion against God Himself. My main contention here is that our “faith” needs to be placed in truth, something that, with the new scandal, seems to be “as far as the east is from the west”.

I am reminded of the words of the famous atheist, Bertrand Russell. He said that he has heard that it is said that man is a rational creature. and that he has vainly searched all of his life to find evidence of this. If there is not any regard for truth, how can we then maintain? In recent months the main stream media has wrongly ignored Acorn, tea partiers, and now a global “warnist” scandal. Our view of reality is slipping badly in America, and if it continues I ask how can we possibly continue as a citadel of freedom? We will be doomed to become that nation that Obama already sees- a nation that is not any longer exceptional, a country that is just as blind as any other, and a people that are just as lost as the world that we were given responsibility to redeem. Christ said that He is the truth, and that those who come to him must come to him in spirit and truth. If we will be learn again to look at our world through His lens we will understand so much more.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

On Statists and Christians

The statist always has the upper hand in our age for he uses morality as toilet paper; when it is clean, free of conflict, keep it around; but when dirty, conflicting or cumbersome, cast it aside. The Christian has not that prerogative; morality is handed him as one lump, dirty and clean together. Thus we see universally the governments with the most statism are the ones with the least religions; morals are the first inconvenience cast aside.

But optimism is used of both statists and Christians. The statist arranges new laws and orders in unceasing reformation. In my country education has undergone 100 years of reform and still has a marred image. But the statist believes that the next “reformation” will be the one which will bring salvation. The wise Christian who points out that this marred image of man is an example yet again of the fallen who are in need of redemption, and that our Redeemer draws nigh. Thus, both are optimistically believing in salvation; the former believing in his own wisdom to bring redemption; the latter believing God will send His Redeemer.